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Morena Y Clara - "No Llores Mas" by Matt Bomarr

morena y clara - "no llores mas" (download) (removed)

This one might not be for everyone, but I love it. Morena y Clara were a Spanish flamenco pop duo from the '70's. "No Llores Mas" (Cry No More) was much darker than their usual poppy stuff though. Sort of sinister Spanish synth if you will. Definitely not what you would expect after looking at the above cover. And the video could have been directed by David Lynch.

Dirty Beaches - "Lord Knows Best" by Matt Bomarr

dirty beaches - "lord knows best" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/14137962-546.mp3]

I've really been digging this song lately. It's got sort of a lo-fi David Lynch/Magnetic Fields/Guided By Voices vibe to it. Dirty Beaches is just one guy, Alex Zhung Hai from Vancouver, BC. He has numerous self-released CR's, split 7"s, cassettes, and now has his next full length Badlands dropping on March 29. website