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ReRunner - "Paper" by Matt Bomarr

rerunner - "play" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/15001555-a31.mp3]

On Three is an impressive 4-song EP that was self-released by electronic duo ReRunner sometime last year. Oakland's Stian Rasmussen and Manhattan's Kevin Shea Adams have done an official remix for Au Revoir Simone, appeared on compilations from Mochipet's Daly City Records, and also placed in the top 20 for Radiohead's remix contest. You can buy this awesome EP or their full length release Metropical over at iTunes.  website

Deceptikon - "Kinyoubi" by Matt Bomarr

[audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/10810393-533.mp3]

More greatness from Mochipet's Daly City Records camp. This time around from Bomarr Blog favorite Deceptikon. You may remember a while back when I posted his awesome remix of Copy's "Assassinator." He has recently relocated from Japan to San Francisco and just released a brand new album called Mythology of the Metropolis. The record features contributions from Copy, Oly (Ipecac), He Can Jog, and Vincent Parker. It's chock full of head-nodders so don't sleep on this one.

Mochipet - "Anticon On Atari (Restiform Bodies Remix)" by Matt Bomarr

mochipet - "anticon on atari (restiform bodies remix)"
[audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/10630506-c05.mp3]

A little treat for you from Mochipet's Master P On Atari Transformed Volume 1, the first volume in a couple of remix companions to last years Master P On Atari. Not only does this record have remixes from my "group" Restiform Bodies, you also have remixes from Deceptikon (whose remix of Copy's "Assassinator" was posted on the Bomarr Blog a while back), Matt B, ill.gates, Kraddy and more. Volume 2 is coming out soon on Mochipet's Daly City Records.

Mochipet (feat. Daedelus) - "Spring" by Matt Bomarr

mochipet (feat. daedelus) - "spring" (download)
From one of his new records, Bunnies & Muffins (He also just released Master P On Atari last month), Mochipet teams up with Daedelus on this upbeat banger. The record also features appearances from Roman Ruins, Spaceheater & Aeroc. Mochi just finished a big European tour, but this guy is constantly doing shows. Be sure to catch him if you see him coming through your town. Sometimes he even wears a purple dinoasur costume.