Copy - "Breakfast" by Matt Bomarr

copy - "breakfast" (download) [audio]

Copy (Portland, Oregon's Marius Libman) is back with a new record called Hard Dream on Audio Dregs (Ratatat, E*Vax, Atole, etc).  The record is chock-full of instrumental synth-heavy, electro-tinged, 8-bit goodness, and you should definitely pick it up when it drops on September 21. myspace

Deceptikon - "Kinyoubi" by Matt Bomarr


More greatness from Mochipet's Daly City Records camp. This time around from Bomarr Blog favorite Deceptikon. You may remember a while back when I posted his awesome remix of Copy's "Assassinator." He has recently relocated from Japan to San Francisco and just released a brand new album called Mythology of the Metropolis. The record features contributions from Copy, Oly (Ipecac), He Can Jog, and Vincent Parker. It's chock full of head-nodders so don't sleep on this one.

Designed Entropy 7" by Matt Bomarr

A little more self-promotion:

Gold Robot Records (who have released 7"s from Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Panther, Meanest Man Contest, and more), will be releasing this Designed Entropy 1 7" on September 22. The limited edition 7" includes exclusive, brand new tracks from myself, Copy (Audio Dregs), Meanest Man Contest, and Roman Ruins). All copies of this colored vinyl 7" come with a free download card for the release as well. Definitely do yourself a favor and head over here to pre-order your copy before they're all gone. There's also a link to where you can preview the tracks. Enjoy!

Copy - "Assassinator (Deceptikon Copy The Floppy Remix)" by Matt Bomarr

An unreleased remix of a track from Copy's "Hair Guitar" record by Tokyo's own Deceptikon. Marius/Copy was kind enough to give this to me to debut here. Deceptikon "flips the original's disco vibe into a chunky electro jam". If you want to check out more great Copy stuff, follow the links below. He can also be found on the limited-edition Sneakmove Minicomp Vol. 3 7" that I curated recently.