captured tracks

Jane & Jeff Hudson - "Los Alamos" by Matt Bomarr

jane & jeff hudson - "los alamos" (download) [audio]

Jane & Jeff Hudson formed in 1981 out of the ashes of two previous bands they both were involved with, Boston's The Rentals (not to be confused with the later, Weezer-affiliated band of the same name), and NYC's The Manhattan Project. In various bands, these guys have performed with bands from The Clash to Suicide. This self-produced 1983 release Flesh (originally released on J&J Records) gets the reissue treatment this Tuesday from Brooklyn's Captured Tracks (Blank Dogs, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils). While not for everyone because of it's sometimes avant-garde synth pop tendencies, it's definitely worth checking out. website buy

Minks - "Funeral Song" by Matt Bomarr

minks - "funeral song" (download) [audio]

"Funeral Song" is the best Cure song that The Cure never wrote. Minks is a Brooklyn duo. One of the newest additions to the Captured Tracks label (also home to Soft Moon, Blank Dogs, Wild Nothing, and other overtly-descriptive bands. Their debut record, By the Hedge came out a couple of weeks ago. myspace buy