beastie boys

Milk - "Get Off My Log" by Matt Bomarr

milk - "get off my log" (download) [audio]

This one is a bit of a blast from the past for me, which I revisited recently. I used to listen to this tape back when I had to drive 45 minutes to work at a record store in a shitty little car that had no radio, no stereo, no anything. I had a little D Battery-operated boom box that I would keep on the passenger seat next to me, and I would listen to tapes to keep me company on the long drive to work. I special ordered this tape after hearing the collaboration that Milk did with Mike D called "Spam," and instantly fell in love with the record. For those who don't know, Milk (or Milk D) was the primary member of legendary hip hop group Audio Two. For this record, he collaborated with Mike D and Mario C of the Beastie Boys, and the record has an overall Beastie feel, come to think of it. Looks like vinyl copies of this EP go for over $100 these days. It's not available digitally, but you can get it on CD over at Amazon

The Slew - "It's All Over" by Matt Bomarr

The Slew is Kid Koala, Dynomite D and members of Wolfmother. You'll find lots of heavy beats and heavy guitars all over this thing, and it was mixed by Beastie Boys collaborator Mario Caldato Jr. The record is called 100%, and for a few more days (until Nov 1), this album is available for free right here.

Clutchy Hopkins - "3:02" by Matt Bomarr

A mysterious cloud hangs over all things Clutchy. The man released The Life of Clutchy Hopkins out of the blue via Ubiquity Records back in 2006, and to this day, he has still remained anonymous. There's somewhat of a cult following for this man, largely in part because of the mystique surrounding him, but also in part to the quality of all the music he's released to date ...including Walking Backwards, Music Is My Medicine, Clutch of the Tiger (with Shawn Lee), and the lesser-known The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope. People have speculated that he is none other than DJ Shadow, or maybe Cut Chemist, or maybe even one of the Beastie Boys. Clutchy's bio claims that he is a middle-aged man, former close friend of Moondog, who lives in a cave in the Mojave desert. It's a really fasinating world to get wrapped up in. Do a google search and see for yourself. This site has some great info about him, and it's a great place to start. Check out his Misled Children releases here and here