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Jel + Odd Nosdam's New Project: GLASS CUTTERS by Matt Valerio


Jel & Odd Nosdam just surprise released a new project that has been in the works for the past 7 years. Recorded throughout Northern California’s East Bay between 2012-2019, the project features production wizardy from both of the aforementioned producers, as well as vocal contributions from Joji Kojima, Martin Carlos Ward and Jel himself. The record is gritty and full of trunk rattlers. If you’re a fan of any of these guys, you’re going to dig this. It may even make your week. The whole record is available for free download right here.

Full production credits below:

1 A WARM WELCOME (vocals by Martin, Jel, Joji, Nosdam / music by Jel)
2 YOU IN TROUBLE (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Nosdam)
3 THIS GOD (vocals by Martin, Jel, Joji / bass by Mike Walti / music by Jel)
4 FLY TO THE IN THE SKY (vocals by Joji / music by Nosdam)
5 RACE THE GRIND (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Jel)
6 SUPANOVA (vocals by Joji, Sin, Mike Fish, Martin, Jel / music by Nosdam)
7 MAMA SAID (vocals by Martin, Jel / bass by Mike Walti / music by Nosdam)
8 PENNIES (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Jel)
9 NO METAL (vocals by Jel, Martin, Joji / music by Nosdam)

Mwahaha - "Sundown" by Matt Valerio

Just like this blog right here…Bay Area band Mwahaha has been fairly quiet for some time. In addition to focusing on some other projects (vocalist Ross Peacock has been spending a lot of his time performing with Zachary James Watkins as Watkins/Peacock), they sadly lost their dear bandmate, visual artist Cyrus Tilton to cancer in 2017. Fortunately, Cyus had already recorded some of the initial ideas that ended up helping to shape this amazing record.

The track above is just a taste of what you’ll hear when their new record Lovers comes out in September.

RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Kraftwerk, David Bowie

Rap Duo Not the 1s Launch Kickstarter Campaign by Matt Valerio

Rap Duo Not the 1s (Cuzzo D & Mawnstr) just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 12" vinyl of their upcoming LP Everybody's Rappin'. The release will come out on Gold Robot Records later this year and will be a 12" picture disc with art by illustrator Matt Gondek. The album features guest appearances by the legendary Kool Keith, Riff Raff, and more. 

By pledging $100 or more to the project, not only do you help fund the release of the physical goods, but you also become a PART of the album. Matt Gondek will incorporate YOU into the actual art on the picture disc. How cool is that? Oh, and how cool is Mawnstr's amazing Juice t-shirt in the above video? Where can I get one?

For more info and to support these guys, check out their Kickstarter page



Brand new track from Bay Blue (fka Anticon producer "Matth") by Matt Bomarr

Bay Area producer Matt Chang (known to many early Anticon fans as Sole / Pedestrian producer Matth) has finally released his debut record for Anticon. He is no longer using the Matth moniker though. Now you can call him Bay Blue. Heavy on the Jazz vibe, the songs on the record were painstakingly pieced together from samples, creating brand new songs that sound like a live band. Pretty great stuff. His self-titled debut record drops next month.


Numbers - "The Fuck You Garage" by Matt Bomarr

numbers - "the fuck you garage" (download) (removed)

This is a song I posted on the original Bomarr Blog back in 2005. I figured I'd revisit it. I saw these guys so many times playing at warehouses in the Bay Area back then. They always put on a good show. Not sure what happened, but they seemed to have disappeared. This record, We're Animals, is excellent. You should check it out.

Broken Figures - "Unauthorized" by Matt Bomarr

I see San Francisco's Broken Figures coming up fast in the Bay Area electronic music scene. These guys (Matt Holt & Keith Tadashi Kubota) have seemingly come out of nowhere. They're currently hard at work on their self-titled debut and looking for a label. In the 8 months since their creation, they've already shared stages with Bay Area heavy hitters Quitter, Asonic Garcia, DJ Centipede, Tenderlions and more. Be on the lookout for these guys, and go check out their amazing new video for "Unauthorized" here

EGADZ! - "Glock Out" by Matt Bomarr

For his final album as EGADZ!, Egadz Is Dead, Erik Nava puts the nail in the coffin with intensity. "Glock Out", one of the standout tracks on the record, hits you in the face with driving beats and a nasty distorted bassline. EGADZ! has recently relocated from the Bay Area to Denver, CO and has decided to shed his old persona for his new one, NAVA. Expect great things from this man in the future. Egadz is Dead is out TODAY. Grab it below.

Shayne Keator - "Bird With Firehorns" by Matt Bomarr

Shayne Keator is one of my favorite Bay Area musicians. His music is really moody, dark, and beautiful. So great that I chose him as the opening track on the Sneakmove Minicomp that I curated. His new album, Gentlemagenta is out now on Bay Area lo-fi label Lakebed Recordings (new home to Joseph Bryce/Clovis Heald, Roberto Miguel and RXCXXNS). You can buy it here. You really should.

New NastyNasty EP!!! by Matt Bomarr

Bomarr Blog homie NastyNasty has just released a FREE EP called Heavy Little Things. I'm REALLY enjoying this. There's nothing I love more than getting something for free and having it blow me away. You can grab this hot little digital treat right here. Recommended if you like dubby, nasty, glitchy, electronic goodness that makes your headphones smile. He has a new EP coming out on Frite Nite this fall.