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PASSAGE Releases New Digital EP "Wreck Center" by Matt Valerio

Brand new PASSAGE digital EP, recently released on the impressive Illuminated Paths label. This 4-song EP acts as a precursor to PASSAGE's upcoming "Worked On" release, which will be released on floppy disk and feature a bonus rare live CD-R.

"Wreck Center" features remixes by Skyrider, Power Pill Fist and Cloudsound. Have a listen below, where you can also buy it for only TWO DOLLARS.

Passage interviewed by Yoni Wolf by Matt Valerio

My longtime friend and former bandmate David Bryant (Passage) sat down with Yoni Wolf recently for Yoni's excellent podcast series The Wandering Wolf. If you've ever been a Restiform Bodies fan, or ever known David, this is an absolute must-listen. The dude has been through a lot. Throughout the hour and a half discussion, they talk about David's history, his battles with addiction, and his plans for the future. Check it out above, or download it for free on iTunes

Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol. 6 by Matt Bomarr

wild xmas with bomarr, vol. 6 (download)

Volume 6 in my ongoing Wild Xmas series is now complete. This year, I'm requesting a $1 donation to help cover server/bandwidth costs, but this donation is by NO MEANS NECESSARY in order to download the mix. You are more than welcome to download any of the Wild Xmas mixes absolutely free, but if you like what I'm doing  and want to help out, I have provided a PayPal donate button at the top of the download page.

This mix is even weirder than the past mixes. Featuring off the wall Xmas tracks from Treacherous Three, R. Stevie Moore, The Go-Go's (UK), Florian Filsinger (who did the cover art), and more.


The Bran Flakes - "The Girl That I Used To Be (feat. Bomarr)" by Matt Bomarr

From their website:
"Formed in 1992 amidst tape and zine trading scenes, The Bran Flakes already have seven releases of zany mashups and poppy audio collages that are more likely to cop a riff from Evel Knievel than anything on the current radio dial. Six years since their last release, they return with the absurdly entertaining I Have Hands."

I Have Hands is their sixth release, and their first on Illegal Art (home to Girl Talk and Steinski). This track features yours truly on the drums. I recorded live drum breaks in the studio, sent them to my friend (Bran Flake Otis Fodder), and he promptly chopped and reprogrammed the hell out of them. The Bran Flakes are offering a "name your own price" download over at the Illegal Art Webstore. This record is too good to pass up, at any price. Go check it out.