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Bomarr contributes "My Other Life Is A Failure" mix for by Matt Valerio

"My Other Life Is A Failure" is a new mixtape I put together for the wonderful website It features some of my all time and recent favorite songs. You should go have a listen

Cover art background image by yours truly. 

Moon Palace - "Left Behind" by Matt Bomarr

moon palace - "left behind" (download) [audio]

Last week, I mentioned Swedish duo Art Fact, a dark synth pop band from the 80's.  Well, these guys have moved on and matured, and are still making dark synth pop music under the name Moon Palace.  They released their Fire Fire Fire EP last October, which you can purchase digitally right here. website

Art Fact - "Building" by Matt Bomarr

art fact - "building" (download) [audio]

Very little is known about Sweden's Art Fact other than that they made Depeche Mode-influenced synth pop in the mid 80's.  I recently discovered this song on this awesome compilation that the Crispy Nuggets blog put together.  You can find most of Art Fact's released music downloadable for FREE over on  I was able to dig up a little information regarding what these guys are doing now though, and it's pretty impressive.  Mans Jonasson and Anders Ljung (pictured above) have gone on to start a group called Moon Palace, who I'll be posting about next week.  More on that later....