Conny Plank - "The Potential of Noise" Documentary by Matt Valerio

This 2017 documentary about legendary producer Conny Plank is a must-see for any music fans out there. Over the years, Conny worked with everyone from Devo to Whodini, Eurythmics to CAN. It's absolutely fascinating, and co-directed by his son, Stephan Plank.

As of right now, you can stream it on Amazon for FREE if you have a Prime account


"The Death of Dick Long" Trailer by Matt Valerio

A24’s The Death of Dick Long was one of the more talked about films to come out of Sundance this year. This is the first feature-length directorial effort from Daniel Scheinert (1/2 of Daniels, the directing duo responsible for the wonderfully-absurd Swiss Army Man). Dick Long features Daniel himself playing the titular role, as well as the hilarious Andre Hyland (Relaxer, the 4th), Virginia Newcomb and Michael Abbott Jr.

The film opens in select cities on September 27.

Help Fund "Geto Boy", The Bushwick Bill Documentary by Matt Valerio

Unfortunately, with only 36 hours left, the folks running this awesome Indiegogo campaign are still just under $32,000 short of their goal. With your help though, they may get closer! Watch the trailer above to get motivated to help Bushwick tell the story of his fascinating life. 

Support the campaign here

Video: Pictureplane Releases "Technomancer" Video by Matt Valerio

I remember back in the early 00s, when a young man named Pictureplane was an active contributor on the old Anticon and Restiform Bodies message boards. Constantly hustling, promoting his art and music to anyone who will listen. More and more over the years, his name would come up. He'd open for us on tour, let us crash at his old warehouse (he used to live at the awesome DIY spot Rhinoceropolis in Denver....which every band and their mom has most likely played and/or crashed at). He's since become a great friend and tourmate to HEALTH, and recently came full circle and has finally released his own LP via Anticon this past Friday. 

Go ahead and pick it up here.

Rap Duo Not the 1s Launch Kickstarter Campaign by Matt Valerio

Rap Duo Not the 1s (Cuzzo D & Mawnstr) just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 12" vinyl of their upcoming LP Everybody's Rappin'. The release will come out on Gold Robot Records later this year and will be a 12" picture disc with art by illustrator Matt Gondek. The album features guest appearances by the legendary Kool Keith, Riff Raff, and more. 

By pledging $100 or more to the project, not only do you help fund the release of the physical goods, but you also become a PART of the album. Matt Gondek will incorporate YOU into the actual art on the picture disc. How cool is that? Oh, and how cool is Mawnstr's amazing Juice t-shirt in the above video? Where can I get one?

For more info and to support these guys, check out their Kickstarter page



Troma's "Return To Nuke 'Em High: Volume 2" Seeks Kickstarter Backers by Matt Valerio

With only $5,000 left to raise in the next 12 days, it seems very likely that Troma's reboot of their Nuke 'Em High franchise is going to actually happen. It only takes a thousand of you guys to pledge a mere FIVE BUCKS. Go do it!