Buck 65 Releases Memoir "Wicked and Weird" by Matt Valerio


Rich Terfry, known to most as simply Buck 65 has finally finished his long-awaited memoir, Wicked and Weird.   

He's always been an extremely talented and fascinating man, so this is surely to be an interesting read.  

It's out Tuesday via Random House. Preorder it right here

The Bomarr Blog Guest Podcast: N8NoFace by Matt Bomarr



the bomarr blog guest podcast: n8noface (right-click, save as)

Tucson's N8NoFace contributes to the first of hopefully many guest Bomarr Blog podcasts to come. N8 can be heard in his main project CRIMEKILLZ, as well as numerous collaborations with Isaiah Toothtaker and with his brother Zackey Force Funk (most recently on the upcoming Tobacco/Zackey "Demon Queen" LP). Check out N8's awesome 30-minute mix of minimal synth, punk and hip hop at the iTunes link above, and be on the lookout for an upcoming Bomarr/N8NoFace 7" on Hallowed Articles.

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Ras Nebyu - "Washington Slizzards" by Matt Bomarr

This Pete Rock-produced jam from Ras Nebyu is a total throwback to '94 style hip hop. It's great to hear this new batch of rappers right now that are bringing a little bit of life back into hip hop (Kendrick LamarASAP RockySchoolboy QDanny BrownJoey Badass, etc). You can grab the rest of this ep right here.

Ras Nebyu - "Washington Slizzards" (download

Echö - "Fleur Fatale" by Matt Bomarr

One of the better blog submissions I've received lately. Modern minimal synth from the French & Catalan duo Echö. This whole Daydream EP is very impressive.  You can buy it via their Bandcamp page right here. Grab the free mp3 now though, because it is only available until it gets 100 downloads.

Echo - "Fleur Fatale" (download