Spooky Tricks VHS Promo Unearthed / by Matt Bomarr

I can't even begin to describe this video myself, so I'll let mr Doseone sum it up for you:

"Spooky Tricks was given to the founding members of anticon as it was being founded. DJ Stef, bay area OG and awesome all around person, had it sent to her and later handed it to us and our lives would never be the same again... This was the tail end of the tape trading days, and the internet was just a pup, mp3s didn't exist ... and Spooky Tricks only existed in VHS form. Over the next 6 months every one in anticon memorized, rehearsed, performed and compared impressions of all the awesome Australian goodness that is Spooky Tricks. In 2001 Jel Sole and myself were lucky enough to tour Australia and on our 2nd night there, wer were drunk and randomly started doing Spooky Tricks impressions. Next thing you know the guy beside us says... "how the fuck do you guys know that shit?" and follows it up with "those guys are in the next room."... So Sole and I performed Spooky Tricks out takes for one of the guys in Ill D the Doctor.... The rest is history, and now for the first time since then, Spooky Tricks has been "dug up" and is now available for you appreciation and enjoyment. love doseone"

Jel adds:

"This video cassette became endless entertainment for many early anticon pajama jammy jams."

For me, this brings back vivid memories of Sole constantly, in his best Australian accent, reciting the Spooky Tricks line "feel the fucking kids get fly," or whatever it is they say there.

(Thanks to Colin Guthrie for the tip)