NiveHive - "Wisconsin Corporate Coup D'etat" / by Matt Bomarr

NiveHive - "wisconsin corporate coup d'etat" (download) [audio]

Collin Ruffino's NiveHive project takes some inspiration from the likes of Pan Sonic, Kraftwerk, early Ministry, and Boards of Canada, but with a more political tinge to it. Collin is currently working on a WikiLeaks concept album titled Collateral Sounds, on which he is attempting to comment on a different aspect of the WikiLeaks drama with each track. "Wisconsin Corporate Coup D'etat" features vocal samples from Naomi Klein, Michael Moore, and various union workers on Wisconsin's streets. More obviously, it features a prominent sample of Pink Floyd's "Us and Them." You can check out more NiveHive music at his website, and also check out his main focus, his band Home Video.