Catcall - "Swimming Pool (JM Re-Edit)" / by Matt Bomarr

catcall - "swimming pool (jm re-edit)" (download) [audio]

This song has a very distinct 80's sound. It sounds like it could be playing in the background of a Karate Kid-style montage. Rightfully so, considering that this "re-edit" was produced by producer Julian Mendelsohn, who is known for his production/engineering/mixing work with artists such as the Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney and Bob Marley, to name a few. Catcall is a one-girl production, from the mind of Catherine Kelleher of Sydney, Australia. She's released a 12" single of this song, and also a digital remix EP which you can get right here. No word on a full length record yet. website twitter