Boy Eats Drum Machine - "Josh Skins" / by Matt Bomarr

boy eats drum machine - "josh skins" (download) [audio]

Portland's Boy Eats Drum Machine likes drums.  I like drums.  I like Boy Eats Drum Machine.  His new release  20 Beats shows off his lesser-known instrumental side.  Often Tortoise-y, sometimes Malcolm Catto-esque, and always hitting hard. This is mostly due to the fact that he's using well recorded drums from a bunch of Portland drummers.  He's also well-versed as a turntablist and saxophone player.  When you combine all of these, it makes for a REALLY nasty release that I need to spread the word about.  I've been listening to this on repeat non-stop.  You can stream the whole record over at his Bandcamp page and see for yourself how great this is.  The song above isn't even the best song on the release, if that tells you anything. website