Themselves - "You Ain't It (Lazer Sword Remix)" / by Matt Bomarr

themselves - "you ain't it (lazer sword remix)" (download) [audio]

Themselves' highly anticipated remix companion to last year's CrownsDown LP will be dropping on September 21st via Anticon. In addition to this banger of a remix from the superhomies Lazer Sword, the record features dramatic reworkings by Buck 65, Odd Nosdam, Baths, Bracken, 13 & God, Alias, Dalek, Our Brother the Native and Themselves.  Also, keep an eye out for Lazer Sword's upcoming self-titled debut full length, which will be dropping November 2 via Innovative Leisure, which will be sure to make your brain explode.  You can pre-order the Themselves remix record CrownsDown & Company right here, and get a limited edition coloring book!