Whitey - "And When Your Sun Goes Down You'll Know" / by Matt Bomarr

whitey - "and when your sun goes down you'll know" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/11139152-3cf.mp3]

Brand new stuff from Whitey's long-awaited follow up to his 2005 release The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train.  Between then and now, Whitey has had some ups and downs.  His 2007 album, Great Shakes, leaked on the internet, but was never officially released.  Following that, his 2008 record  Stay on the Outside was recorded but never released as well, for unknown reasons.  Now, after all this time, he released Canned Laughter on April 1, and it is worth the wait.  This guy is such a great songwriter.  It's kind of a shame how generally overlooked he is. myspace buy

RIYL: Joakim, Poni Hoax, Tom Vek