Madness2012 - "Hang the Way" / by Matt Bomarr


Meet Madness2012 (known to his friends as Justin Delaet). Master beatboxer, prolific MC, and all-around great guy. He's been doing this rap thing for many years now. Back in the day, he appeared on one side of a split cassette single that I put out with some friends. The song was called "Bullshit," and on the flipside was Telephone Jim Jesus's first ever recorded vocal appearance on a song called "Tapeworm." Madness2012 has also recorded songs with Passage (Anticon/Restiform Bodies). He's been putting out records steadily now for a while. His most recent being the Hot Sauce EP, which you can grab right here. "Hang the Way" is from his record The Perfect Words For Saying Nothing. Check him out.