Hanksy launches Surplus Candy Web Series by Matt Valerio

International man about town Hanksy has launched a web series that takes its name from the guerrilla art show he put on earlier this year. Episode 1 of Surplus Candy focuses on a few artists in the Montreal street art scene: Stikki Peaches, Whatisadam & Omen, and French artist Kashink.

Neil Young's Classic "Human Highway" Film Finally Gets Reissue by Matt Bomarr

In 1982, Neil Young and Dean Stockwell made and starred in an oddball film about a small town located near a constantly-leaking nuclear power plant. The film also featured Dennis Hopper, Devo and Russ Tamblyn. It's a strange one, to say the least, and I've had a bootleg DVD copy of this for years. Turns out it's now getting a remastered proper release by Neil Young himself. Check out the trailer above.

Kickstart the new FOG album by Matt Valerio

The world definitely needs a new Fog record. It's been 7 long years since the last LP (Ditherer, Lex Records, 2007). I count Andrew Broder's self-titled debut, which he released back in 2000, as one of my all time favorites, and his epic masterpiece "Pneumonia" as one of the first songs to truly give me goosebumps. I was near tears the first time I saw him perform it live in San Francisco all those years ago.

This, on top of his work with Yoni Wolf of WHY? as Hymie's Basement (another masterpiece), and the brilliant record he did with his new band The Cloak Ox, leads me to believe that the new album he has just announced he's working on will be nothing short of amazing. 

Please do yourself a favor and back this project now. He's got some great incentives to back this project, including remixing one of your songs, limited edition prints from Burlesque Design, and he'll even paint you a mural if you're generous enough to donate a certain amount. Go check it out. You'll be glad you supported this.