Bomarr + N8NOFACE 7" by Matt Bomarr


I'm happy to announce that in the coming weeks, Hallowed Articles will be releasing a 2-song 7" collaboration I did recently with N8NOFACE of CRIMEKILLZ. Both of these songs turned out great, and I'm excited for people to hear them. The 7" comes with an mp3 download coupon and you can pre-order it right here. They will start shipping in about 4 weeks. Check out the teaser below courtesy of Super Official, and please spread the word.

Help Ceschi & Fake Four by Matt Bomarr

Seriously one of the nicest people I've ever known. Ceschi Ramos, incredibly talented musician, rapper, and founder of the Fake Four label just started an 18 month prison sentence. You can check out the details in the video above. The guys at Fake Four have started an IndieGoGo campaign to help keep Fake Four alive while he's in prison. There are many great incentives to donate, so watch the video and then go to the IndieGoGo page and help out if you feel so inclined.  

CRIMEKILLZ - Destroy Stress by Matt Bomarr

The new CRIMEKILLZ album dropped this week. I'll let the guys tell you about it in their own words because I could not describe it better: 

Crimekillz is a Punk sound out of Tucson Az (now based in LA) using gameboys and synths. Coining the Phrase "NARCO PUNK" a play on anarcho punk. N8NOFACE (vocals) and SCUMBAG TONY(production) make the duo. N8NOFACE is brother of Zackey Force Funk (demon queen). All members of the HipHop collective known as Machina Muerte.
Crimekillz sound is a idgaf attitude telling stories of what it was like growing up around friends who had scarface dreams. But also including songs about the end of the world and girls in tube socks.

Check out the new video for "Kill Promoters" (which features a brief cameo from Mr. Bud Bundy himself, David Faustino

And be sure to buy "Destroy Stress" on iTunes